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FAQPlease go through all the details below before ordering: 

What do I get for my money?

The price is for an ebook cover. The price does not include print on demand version of the cover.


What are the resolution/sizes of the files?

Amazon: 1800 pixels width by 2700 pixels height

If You'd like it in a different size, please contact me at:


What format do you send the file?



Are the stock photo images licensed?

Yes they are. You can sell up to 250,000 books with this image.


Can I have the original file / Photoshop file to play with myself?

To make long things short: no. It won't work because You would not have the fonts and We can't send the fonts as this would be breaking the license. Also, it would go against the stock image licensing, I can only sell designs not stock images. Sorry for that.


What if I want a cover but don't have the title yet?

No problems - buy the service - & come back to me when you're ready with your title. Please make sure you definitely want the inspirational before ordering. Remember! once you bought it, it's yours. When you get your inspirational it's unique and I take it off the site.


What if I take a cover without title but then some time later on I would like to have a different cover, can I swap it?

No. Once you purchase an inspirational It's allocated to You. So once you order and send us the id number of an inspirational it is set in stone you want it. So please double check and verify that you definitely want that inspirational before ordering.


Can I reserve a inspirational without paying?

Sorry, no. We work on a first come first served basis.


Can I have less or more text on the cover?

Yes, we'll fit the design to whatever amount of text you want. You might not have a tagline on the example but if you really want one just send it over and We'll add it.


Can I use single cover for multiple books in a series with different titles?

Sure! not a problem. There are two options. Different colours and text, You can pick your colors, Second option is different images with the same branding. For text & colour changes with the same photo We charge the price of a normal cover +$15 per additional cover. If you need images changed, then We need to buy extra images and edit them to make it all work together for that We charge EXTRA $150 per cover. If you need less covers or more, please cotact us for details.


Can I have my file in a different format / size?

Of course, just ask - We are helpful & friendly :)

Keep in mind that it does not include the Origin File.


Can I have a file that I can edit myself?

Sorry, no. This would not work because you would not have the fonts to do the editing of the text, But We will be happy to make the changes for You, once You know your title, till it looks perfect for you.


Can I just have the image and put my text on myself?

Sorry, but no. We are selling finished cover designs as simple as that.


I've given you a title, I got the final cover, but later on I want to change the text on my cover, what can you do?

For initial changes We obviously don't charge any money, but if you come back to us some time later on & after you've approved the design, We charge $15 per cover to make additional text changes.


I have bought a cover, not yet titled, and then decide I don't want it, can I have a refund?

Sorry but no, once You have purchased the inspirational We've taken it out of circulation, done all the work to mark it against You and remove it from the site, this all takes time & as such the simple answer is no. So if You think You might change your mind, don't purchase. All sales are final.


Do I have to pay for the stock image as well?

No, It's all included in the price.


Do you sell the inspirational more than once?

No, once You buy an inspirational it's taken off the site & not sold to anyone else.


Is the inspirational I buy unique?

Of course We only sell a design once. Once it's sold We mark it & after some time We take it off the site.


I've seen it before on another cover!?

To make my book covers We use stock images which are freely available from many stock images sites for other designers/authors to use. The old say applies here: You get what You pay for. When it comes to exclusivity on stock images You're looking at thousands of dollars of course You can contact us & we can work out your own unique images but the prices are in a total different scale.


Do you turn covers around within 48 hours even on weekends and holidays?

No, but we'll do it if We get a spare hour or so. We try our best to keep people satisfied.


Can you do a wrap-around print design from a pre-made cover I buy?

Of course - the price for this is $50. You'll find it on my design extras page.


What about other print-on-demand services?

Look at this page you might find what You are looking for, if You have something else in mind contact us & We'll try to work it for You :).


What if I am just designing the wrap-around cover myself, will the ebook cover work?

We make no assurances that It will work out well. If you want a proper print-on-demand cover, you can select the wrap-around option from here, & We'll design it for You.

I have another question:

Feel free to email us at PSYCAT.STUDIO@GMAIL.COM, we are friendly & helpful sort of people, & We'll get back to You A.S.A.P.

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