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How to Order?

Three easy steps & you'll have your covers sent to you by mail.


1. First hit "CUSTOMIZE THIS" Button.

It will take your through to PayPal checkout process (payment via PayPal).

2. E-Mail me your information.

Once you have paid, send me a separate email to: PSYCAT.STUDIO@GMAIL.COM with the following information:

- Cover ID Number  (PLEASE double check these to make sure they're right)

- Your authors name & book title

- Book summary so I'll be able to customize it

- Any other text you want on the cover like quotes, subheadings, or taglines

- And your PayPal email address, so I know where the payment has come through from.

3. We are almost done!

I modify the covers to suit your book & send it over. It might take up to 7 days (please take in mind weekends). You may twick it and fix it 3 times without being extra charged & Congratulations!!! From this point you can upload your own customized cover to amazon!

You have other questions?

If it's something I've not covered then please email me at PSYCAT.STUDIO@GMAIL.COM, I'm a friendly helpful sort of chap, and you'll get a response quickly.

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